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Have fun supporting our Olympic Athletes and get this song on the tip of your tongue.

The R2L Event happened on the 20th July at schools all round England and Wales. I believe from the total of school registrations that the number of pupils and students who learned the song and the dance routine was around 20,000. Many photographs of different schools in rehearsal and performing on the day have been received and a lot of smiling faces are on show.

All tracks are here for free download - so feel free to take whatever you like. Could be fun to download the backing track and then you can sing the song and put your own voices to it.

All tracks are available here for Free Download.

The Master complete. (normal quality download 3.5MB)
The Master complete. (high quality download 9MB at 320kbits - also available in all online music stores)
The Backing Track. (No Voices) (normal quality download 3.5MB)
The Backing Track. (No Voices) (high quality download 9MB at 320kbits - recommended for actual performance)
The Backing Track with Female vocal parts.(for guidance)
The Backing Track with Male vocal parts. (for guidance)
Video of Refuse to Lose dance moves

The lyric sheet and chord progression is available for download or print here.

The score for the vocal parts are available for download below.

Refuse to Lose Vocal Score (all parts)
Boy 1 Vocal Score
Girl 1 Vocal Score
Boy 2 Vocal Score
Girl 2 Vocal Score

THE DANCE MOVES are simple and the chorus can be performed whilst seated so in general the whole performance is inclusive. Please video your performance and post it on YouTube after the event if you are comfortable with that. It will be great for the world to see. Your local TV News and Radio stations will be alerted to the event and in some cases they may come to film it for later broadcast. Please be a part of this initiative there are 8,500,000 school children in England. All you will need are your voices and children's voices, a CD or MP3 player, an ampilfier with speakers and someone with a video camera. You can view them on YouTube by clicking here or can be downloaded by clicking here.

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