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A Prime change for England's Primary Schools

The Refuse to Lose project has a theme that can benefit anyone from Primary school pupil to an adult aspiration.

The wonderful, thoughtful initiative from David Cameron's Government guaranteeing every Primary School in England with more than 17 pupils £8,000 per year and schools with less than 17 to get £500 per pupil per year. This will mean that Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, or professional coaches can be paid and encouraged to devote time, skill and energy to help our young children develop that competitive spirit. Our leaders want us all to think about competition, achievement and making a success of our lives and Primary School is where that understanding and desire starts. With the fantastic momentum given to us by the London 2012 Olympic Games we should now be able to turn things around with this wonderful contribution.

Refuse to Lose an anthem to help anyone achieve their goal.

Using the qualities needed by an Olympic athlete.
To have any chance of achieving his/her Gold Medal goal the athlete must be totally dedicated, have a plan, a belief and a vision of what path to take and be disciplined. He/she must train and try to compete with the other best athletes in their chosen field, they must take advice and learn from previously successful medal holders and be able to recover from setbacks. Also be able to negotiate and sell their potential to get sponsorship and financial support during their quest for gold so they are free from money worries and can focus and enjoy the experience.

It's not only sport that these qualities apply to - they are for life in general.
The song 'Refuse to Lose' inspired by this spirit of the Olympic Athlete can be sung by any number of people. The lyric is made up with words and phrases emphasising the importance of planning and having a goal and a clear vision of where and what the person wants to be and to have discipline to realise that dream. Once learned the words and the infectious melody will stay in the mind for ever and, with luck, will help each one who participates achieve their ambition.

Together we can get Britain to Deliver.

The whole project is totally free and non-profit making.

The wonderful success of the London 2012 Olympic Games has created a huge feeling of pride and unity amongst all British people. We must not lose or miss the chance to build on this spirit of togetherness and realisation that all of us can succeed if we have Dedication, Discipline and Direction. The fact that already some 20,000 school children know and have performed Refuse To Lose plus millions hearing the song during the Game's opening week with Greg James' on BBC Radio1 is a great start. This simple, free song can bring inspiration to all of us and give those who learn it an insight of what's needed to fulfil an ambition and to reach one's goal. It is a message that counts for everyone.

The backing track is available free on the Music Page along with the lyrics and sheet music. You could download it and have fun singing it at your next party!

Stadia is the name chosen by the 2 boys and 2 girls who sing Refuse to Lose. See them and read about them on the profile page.


Refuse to Lose

I don't want to be like a TV
Something that you just look at.
I really want to get somewhere
And be appearing on it.

I know life can be hard sometimes
I've found that out already
But I'll just keep pushing pushing
Till I get right where I'm heading.

First you have to know just what you want
And where you want to be.
Make it clear to everyone
There's no second chance you see.

So work each day follow that dream
It may seem hard sometimes
But don't let up - keep your sights on it
And that dream I'll find.

Just refuse to lose
Make each step(just) one goal
and a moment of success.
It'll feed you well and keep you strong
Aim for the very best.


The path is long with many turns
And sometimes I may falter.
But that's OK if you know the way
Rest your head on someone's shoulder.
Then turn up the heat never turn it down
Focus your eyes ahead
Persue that dream it's what you want
This is what I've learned.

Just refuse to lose
Make each step(just) one goal
and a moment of success.
It'll feed you well and keep you strong
Aim for the very best.

Don't make mistakes of not believing
That which is in your heart
Just fix your eyes on the road ahead
And simply make a start

Just refuse to lose
Make each step(just) one goal
and a moment of success.
It'll feed you well and keep you strong
Aim for the very best.

Refuse to lose I advise myself
And that keeps me going forward
I won't give it up - I know what I want......
I know I'll win - I refuse to lose


The song was recorded on the 12th of April and mixed and mastered on the 14th of April. The result is an excellent single with huge potential.

This picture is a still from the official Video which was shot at The Brighton Media Centre, Brighton on Tuesday 2nd August and the choeography was arranged by Hannah Camilleri and Bethan Rhys Wiliam.

The video has now been released and can be viewed from the Soundbites page.


For enquiries or more information;

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This website is under ongoing construction as the project comes together so please check this site for regular updates or use the above details to contact Robin directly.

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